Students will create a Movie Clip instance (e.g. a playcard) that rotates in 3D space.


  • 3D Rotation Tool



  1. Import your image (e.g. Playcard, coin etc.) into the library and drag it to the stage.
  2. Convert this instance to a movie clip (right click => movie clip)
  3. Right click over the Movie Clip and select Create Motion Tween. Flash CS4/5 will automatically insert frames based on the documents frame rate (e.g. 24 fps).
  4. Position the frame marker on frame 12.
  5. Select the 3D Rotation Tool. Click on the card and notice the 3D Rotation controller appears.
  6. Drag along the "y" axis (green line) to rotate the card in 3D space. Notice that Flash has inserted a keyframe automatically for you.
  7. Position the frame marker on the last frame and continue to rotate the card along the "y" axis in 3D space until it is 180 degrees from its original orientation.
  8. If you want to extend the Motion tween in the layer without affecting the existing keyframes, simply drag the right edge of the tween til 60.
  9. Done!

Saving Procedure:

  • Save your file as: firstlastname_3D Rotation.fla
  • Save your file as: firstlastname_3D Rotation.swf
  • Create a new wiki page and name it: 3D Rotation and upload your swf file


Animation technique 5 marks
Saving 5 marks

Total: 10 marks

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