Students draw a vector shape at one specific frame in the Timeline, and change that shape or draw another shape at another specific frame

Your Task

  1. Create a Shape Tween of 50 frames.
  2. Create a Text Shape Tween of your name (first/lastname)


  • Drawing Tools
  • Text Tool
  • Break apart


Shape Tween

  1. In frame 1, draw a square with the Rectangle tool.
  2. Select frame 50 of the same layer and add keyframes by right clicking =>Convert to keyframe
  3. On frame 50 delete your rectangle.
  4. Stay on the same frame (50) and draw an oval with the oval tool and position it anywhere you want.
  5. Switch to the selection tool. Choose a frame by around 24 => right click=>"Create Shape Tween"
  6. Preview the animation by pressing the Enter key.
  7. To tween the color of the shape, make the shape in frame 1 a different color from the shape in frame 50.

Text Shape Tween

  1. Write your name by using the Text Tool
  2. Convert


Create a Shape Tween

Create a Text Shape Tween

Teachers Exemplar

Shape Tween

Text Shape Tween