You have certainly heard about such things in your life: Simple, yet effective. This is the case with an eye blink, performed on an otherwise lifeless character.
It is good to know how to create one—especially if you can learn to create it in an eyeblink! :-)!

Your Task

  • Draw or reuse a character and animate the blinking eyes.



  1. Draw or reuse one of your characters on the first layer and name it "character".
  2. Convert each eye to a symbol (Movie Clip).
  3. Create a new layer and name it "blink".
  4. Stay on the "blink" layer and create a keyframe on frame 20, 25 and 55 (see image below).
  5. Go back to the "character" layer=> select your left eye symbol => copy it.
  6. Go to the "blink" => move your playhead to frame 20 and => paste in place your left eye.
  7. Repeat this step for the second (right) eye as well.
  8. Stay on this layer and frame => Keep your pasted eye selected => Go to the Properties panel => Color effect => Choose Tint (100%)=> adjust the color so that it is a bit darker than the skin color.
  9. Test your animation.
  10. DONE!


Teachers Exemplar


Character 5 marks
Blinking eyes 5 marks
Uploaded on wiki 2 marks

Total 12 marks