The bone tool allows you to animate objects effectively and quickly.
However, do not overuse it! The Bone Tool has lots of flaws when animating objects.


external image fig_7-creating_second_pose_for_arm.jpg

Mini Task #1: Leg/arm

  • Create a moving leg/ arm using the bone tool.


  1. Open Flash CS4 and create a new document (action Script 3.0)
  2. You need a drawing on the stage. (Drawing is on one layer on frame 1)!
  3. Choose the Selection Tool and select/highlight your entire drawing.
  4. Select the Bone Tool and create the bone.
  5. Flash automatically creates a new Anmation layer for you!
  6. Go to frame 20 => right click=> Insert pose (1 to 20).
  7. Stay on frame 20 and move your object by draging and moving the leg.

Mini Task #2: Cat's tail


Task #1: 5 marks
Task #2: 5 marks

Total: 10 marks