This activity is a continuation of the previous task. Students will practice the use of the 3D Rotation tool. They will create a flying butterfly or another flying creature.

Your Task:

  1. Create a flying creature such as butterfly, bird etc. .
  2. Choose an image form the internet and use it as your reference image when drawing it.

Drawing with the Line and Selection Tool:

Draw a line with the line tool.

Flash Cursor
Flash Cursor

Select the Selection tool. Now you can click and drag and pull the line out
Flash Warp line
Flash Warp line

You can do this with shapes as well.
Flash Warp Shapes
Flash Warp Shapes
Flash Select Images
Flash Select Images


  1. Draw one wing and butterfly body on the same frame
  2. Convert the wing to a symbol (Movie clip)
  3. Double click the wing. You are now in the symbol mode.
  4. Convert the wing a second time into a symbol (Movie clip) and name it "Butterfly 2".
  5. Double click wing to get into symbol mode again.
  6. Create a Motion Tween on the first frame.
  7. Now, select the 3D Rotation tool and animate the wing.
  8. Copy and paste the wing on a second layer with all the animation.
  9. Go back to scene 1
  10. Convert the wing plus the body to a symbol => name it "butterfly and body"
  11. Create a Motion Tween so that the butterfly flies across the stage.
  12. Hit ctrl + enter to watch your animation.
  13. Done!


Design 5 marks
Animation 8 marks
Saving 2 marks

Total 15 marks

Teachers Exemplar

Students Exemplar