Students will learn how to animate a character with symbols, Pivot points, Easing and the Free Transform tool.

Your Task:

  1. Draw a cartoon character and animate a body part such as hands, head, legs etc.

Changing the Pivot Point of a Symbol:

external image pivot1.gif
Clicking on a symbol will display a blue box with a circle. The circle represents the pivot point of the symbol, and the axis that the symbol will be rotated around.
external image pivot5.jpg
If you were to rotate the symbol around this point, you will see that the shoulder slides out of it's alignment with the top of the torso. To fix this, we need to change the pivot point.

external image pivot2.gif
Once you are in transform mode, you can now click and drag the center point anywhere you like.
external image pivot3.gif
Move the pivot point up towards the shoulder.
external image pivot4.gif
Now by grabbing one of the handles on the edge of the symbol, you can rotate the arm, and it will rotate from a logical position.


Step-by Step

  1. Draw each body part separately on one frame and on one layer.
  2. Convert each body part to a symbol (Movie clip).
  3. Assemble your character by putting all body parts together.


4. Move your body part(s) by changing the pivot point of the particular symbol (see above) and move the joint.
5. Create a classic tween inbetween the frames (shown below).
Apply easing between the Classic Tweens



Animation 10 marks
Design 8 marks
Saving 2 marks

Total 20 marks

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