Students will create a door opening animation using the 3D Rotation Tool. They will apply their knowledge gained from previous activities.

  1. Create a door opening animation using the 3D Rotation Tool


  1. Open Flash and create a new document (Action Script 3.0).
  2. Change the size of the stage 900 x 500 px
  3. Create four layers. On each layer draw the following items on the first frame: Your character, Wall, Door frame, Door with door knob.


4. Create for all four layers a keyframe 1- 30.

5. Select the "Door" layer => stay on frame 30 => Go to Modify => Transform => Flip Horizontal and then move the door to the left side.

6. Stay on the "Door" layer => Go to frame 1 => right click and create a Motion Tween.

7.Stay on frame 1 => Select the 3D Rotation Tool => Position the Pivot Point between frame and door => Move your playhead and rotate the door on the y axis.

8. Move the playhead to check your animation. Reposition the door if necessary with the Free Transform Tool.


Animation 10 marks
Design 8 marks
Saving 2 marks

Total 20 marks


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