In this unit, students are introduced to Flash CS5. To begin, they view a sample animation called "???" to gain an understanding of the types of animation that can be created using the program. Afterwards, they open Flash to learn about the program environment. Once familiar with the components, they practice drawing using the tools in the Tools Panel. They then learn how to manipulate images by scaling, skewing, and rotating. With these skills mastered, they apply their knowledge of the drawing tools to create the first scene in a ????

What is Flash?

Flash Cs5 is created by Adobe systems and is used to easily make animations and add interactivity to webpages. It is a very powerful tool to create a variety of content. Many advertisements on the internet are created/animated with Flash.

The Difference between Vector vs. Bitmap

There are two types of graphics: Bitmap and Vector. Programs like Photoshop use Bitmap graphics as their native. Applications like Flash and Illustrator use vector. Bitmaps quality looks more condensed (you can clearly see stair steps when zooming in a image). This is because bitmap-graphics use pixels to create the image. Bitmaps is great for photo editing because they allow to add a variety of effects to the image.
Vector graphics look more clear without pixelation. This is because vector graphics use points, lines, curves and math to calculate the distances between these points.


Task 1: Flash CS5 Interface

external image MC9004421321.png
external image MSZvPTZkNjIwYmMwOGFiZjQ2MjE5YmJkMGY5M2YwYWE2YTU1Jm9mPTA=.gif

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