Your Task:

Create a dramatic lightning effect on an image of your choice.


  1. Research a dramatic looking image on the internet. Save it and import it into the library.
  2. Name the layer "background" and drag the image from the library into your stage. Make sure that your image fits onto the stage or adjsut the size of the stage.
  3. Select your background image and convert it into a symbol (Movie Clip) => name it ship1
  4. Double click on your movie clip => Select your Movie clip and convert it into a symbol (Movie clip) again.
  5. Create 14 separate keyframes. To do so, hit F6 14 times => Go to frame 25 and create a keyframe.
  6. Move your playhead to frame 3.
  7. Select your image => Go to the Properties panel => Go to Filters=> Adjust color=> Change the saturation to 50 (You can make it dramatic as you want!)
  8. Change the saturation on the following frames: 3+4, 7+8, 11+12
  9. Go back to scene 1.
  10. Create a new layer and name it "lightning".
  11. Select the pencil tool => set the fill and stroke color to white = set stroke to 2.00.
  12. Lock the background layer.
  13. Stay on frame 1 and draw a lightning.
  14. Select your lightning that you just drew and convert it to a symbol (Movie clip) => name it "lightning".
  15. Double click this symbol.
  16. Create here 14 separate keyframes. To do so, hit F6 14 times => Go to frame 25 and create a keyframe.
  17. Select frame 1 and 2 => delete the existing lightning and draw a new lightning.
  18. Repeat this step for frames: 5+6, 9+10, 13+14
  19. Go back to scene 1 => stay on layer "lightning" => Select the ligthning=> Go to Filter =>Glow=> Set color to white or color of your choice =>Blur 12 (x and y) => strenght 100%
  20. Test your animation (Ctrl + enter)
  21. Upload your swf. file on your wiki page.
  22. Done!

BONUS MARKS: Add a lightning sound effect to make your animation more realistic!

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