Students get acquainted with the great tool - the masking tool! They are supposed to create a rotating globe effect with the simple masking technique.


  1. Open a new Flash CS4 document (Action Script 3.0).
  2. Keep stage size and recolor the stage.
  3. Create first layer and name it "globe".
  4. Draw a nice 3D circle (use radial gradient).
  5. Create keyframes from 1 to 40.
  6. Create a second layer and name it "continents".
  7. Research an image of continents =>import them in the library=>drag them onto the stage and trace them (apply nice radial gradient!).
  8. .....

Click the video below and pause to follow the next steps:


Animation 10 marks
Design 3 marks
Wiki 2 marks

Total 15 marks

Teachers Exemplar

No mask applied:

Mask applied