Your Task:

  • Create a walking character using the Bone tool or the Free transform tool.


Total 20 marks


  1. Draw each body part on a separate layer. Name each layer (important!!!!)
  2. Convert just the body into a symbol (Graphic).
  3. Apply the Bone tool to the arms and legs. Select the Bone Tool => Drag and release at the joint.
  4. Assemble your character.
  5. Insert the reference image on a new layer (see below).
  6. On frame 5 select all layers (hold shift key!) and insert a frame.
  7. Move the arms and leg according to the reference image.
  8. Select the next 5 frames and insert a frame => move arms and legs again.
  9. Repeat these steps until frame 40.
  10. Check your animation.


Reference Image by Preston Blair (Save this image and import into the library)



Animation of two walking cycles (smooth, looping, cycles animated according to Preston Blair) 10 marks
Design (creativity, drawing, character) 8 marks
Upload wiki page & saving procedure 2 marks

Total: 20 marks


Animate eye blinking 2 marks
Nice background 3 marks
Character moving across the stage 5 marks

Total: 10 bonus marks

Total: 30 marks

Walk cycle exemplar:

Teachers Exemplar